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We have more than 30 years of experience in photojournalism, conservation, adventure and commercial photography. From the bottom of the Ocean to the thick of the rainforest until the blue of the sky, we constantly elevate our photography to tell compelling visual stories which matter.


We teamed up with WILD DIARIES TRAVEL offering expedition style tours with us to places that are close to our hearts, such as Raja Ampat in Eastern Indonesia.

Thank you so much for your interest in our trip to the famed Raja Ampat. The underwater world is nothing like we’ve ever seen elsewhere in our travels and we can’t wait to tell show you why.

Raja Ampat is the centre of marine biodiversity and life. 

Scientists have done the fish and coral counts to prove it. What’s mind bogglingly amazing is how Raja Ampat’s visual magnificence proves the facts of science again and again.

Juergen (Yogi) first dived on the Pindito in 1996 when this beautiful Indonesian phinisi vessel Pindito was starting out. Yogi was the first to find the Raja Ampat pygmy seahorse for the Pindito owner Edi and his crew, when there was nothing yet known about this diminutive wonder.  

Many trips later on the Pindito, there are so many great stories of discoveries and adventures we can tell. We have so much respect for Edi & his Pindito crew as the pioneers of diving in Raja Ampat and are so happy to be leading this photographic tour to show you how to capture its magnificence.

This photo tour will be about enjoying making wonderful photographs. You don’t need to worry about anything because we shall be with you all the time whenever you have any photographic questions or problems. 

Join us on board of the Pindito in Raja Ampat in May 2019 in Eastern Indonesia. Click here for more information and booking

Aerial of Raja Ampat's islands, sand cays and lagoons
Split level of coral reef and a tropical island.
A parade of giant manta rays (Manta birostris) at a cleaning station. North Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
Snorkeler swims in the shallow coral reef. North Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia






Travelers to the Center of Life.

How far can a journey take you? How many new sights, sounds, and sensations can you absorb, when you open your eyes and remove the barriers of your mind? What happens to your heart when a playful green marine turtle looks you in the eye, or when lightning puts on a spectacular show for you in a burning sunset sky? Do you fret for the spent oceans, as humans take far beyond what they need for profit as well as for survival, only to find joy again when people truly learn to respect nature and protect it for their children? Did you come here only to see, but find yourself blessed with an unexpected gift—the gift of feeling and hoping and dreaming along with all that you meet?

For Jürgen Freund and Stella Chiu-Freund, wildlife and underwater photographers, chroniclers of nature, married couple, and traveling companions on many adventures in the natural world, the gifts have been too numerous to count. Their photographic odyssey through many countries of the Coral Triangle, Australia and Fiji are chronicled and preserved in spectacular images accompanied by spellbinding stories that enthralls and leave one with a lasting impression of awe and inspiration.

To book them for speaking engagements, please inquire at: freundimages@gmail.com