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Tuna Festival in Mamburao – Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

26 March 2010

Today, I received a birthday greeting from our dear Paul Sunters, the Managing Photo Editor of the WWF Global Photo Network! It is my one year blog anniversary since writing my first entry! Imagine that! I went back to that first entry and thought, “where has the time gone?” And yet we’ve done so much […]

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Coralline Triangle – Pun Intended!

9 March 2010

Sometime August last year, during our trip on the Seven Seas diving around Komodo National Park, we met Jack Shargel, an animated American jeweler based in Bali.  Jack, upon hearing what it was we were doing, showed us a somewhat different coral triangle!  He opened his magic jewel pouch and brought out beautiful looking gems […]

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Hasta La Vista Papua Diving

8 – 28 February 2010

Sorido Bay Resort

All too soon, it was time to say our farewells to everyone from this lovely resort. We spent quality working time here often leaving the resort at eight in the morning and coming back, still dripping wet, at seven in the evening when everybody had started with their dinner.

Yogi […]

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Landscapes and Seascapes of Raja Ampat

8 – 27 February 2010

While we were in North Raja Ampat, we were incredibly fortunate to have professional photographers and videographers Claudia & Leon Joubert document our stay and experience in what is arguably the epicenter of marine biodiversity. Claudia Pellarini-Joubert and Leon Joubert of the Bittenbysharks.com fame work with Max Ammer to manage and market Sorido Bay Resort.

Click and […]

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Seeing Magnificent Raja Ampat from the Air

27 February 2010

After days of grumbling about the weather, Yogi finally found his smile again. Max Ammer was bringing him along as co-pilot to his truly photogenic yellow aircraft.

Conservation International needed to do regular surveys to Raja Ampat by land, sea and air. They were fortunate enough to have Max Ammer firmly situated in the […]