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Mahonia Na Dari – Guardians of the Sea – Kimbe Bay, PNG

Many thanks to Tansy Bliss’ text below, we are able to tell you through her writing and Yogi’s photos how brilliant this local NGO is at the heart of Kimbe Bay, West New Britain. Tansy is a naturalist and the Eco-tourism Officer of  Mahonia Na Dari.

By Tansy Bliss

Mahonia Na Dari Research and Conservation Centre is […]

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Beautiful Walindi, Kimbe Bay, West New Britain, PNG

13 – 25 May 2010

Walindi Plantation Resort

This is Yogi’s fourth and my third time in Walindi Plantation Resort. Needless to say, we simply adore it here. After diving many great spots in Asia during this expedition, we ask ourselves, do we still love it here? The answer is a resounding YES! And now that we can […]

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So Long Asia, Hello Pacific!

13 – 25 May 2009

Our first Pacific country in the Coral Triangle is Papua New Guinea (PNG). As soon as we stepped into the Air Niugini flight to PNG while in the Manila airport, we felt closer to the Pacific. We were homeward bound! We have four months to go till the end of our expedition!

Pardon […]

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Fish for the Millions – Milkfish Aquaculture, Sarangani, Philippines

29 April – 2 May 2010

We made a most interesting and educational trip to Sarangani Bay in Southern Mindanao to photograph aquaculture or aquafarming.  Alsons Aquaculture Corporation is the producer of Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus or milkfish, which in the Philippines is food for the millions!

A full cycle aquaculture facility, Alsons operates from having milkfish spawners capable of supplying the market with 1.2 billion […]

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2010 Butanding Whale Shark Festival in Donsol, Philippines

27 April 2010

Woodland Resort, Donsol

We have not been to the Butanding Festival since 2003. It was exciting to be here again during the festivities and the fluvial parade was not to be missed.

We went to Donsol via night bus from Manila. It was a 12 hour drive to get there and upon arriving Woodland Resort, our home away from […]

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Hubbs Scientist Tagging Whale Sharks in Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines

24 – 27 April 2010

Woodland Resort, Donsol

To address some important questions about where sharks spend their time and what habtitats are important to them, a whale shark tagging program was set up four years ago in Donsol for whale shark conservation. With funding for megafauna research from WWF Denmark managed by Lene Topp, and quite a number […]

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Club Paradise – A Special Place in the Sun

18 – 22 April 2010

Dimakya Island, Club Paradise

Some thirteen year ago, Yogi already had a very special relationship with people working in Club Paradise resort, Busuanga, Northern Palawan, Philippines. Interestingly, the same friends he made back then are still there in an industry that is constantly changing and constantly facing unforeseen challenges. Dugong Dive Center’s owner Dirk Fahrenbach, GM Rolf […]

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Seagrass Bed for Marine Life in Club Paradise, Northern Palawan, Philippines

18 – 22 April 2010

Dimakya Island, Club Paradise

Many snorkelers and divers quickly swim past seagrass beds without stopping to check out the interesting marine life that live there.  Seagrass beds are very important marine habitats and ecosystems. With their root like stems, which can extend horizontally under the sand, seagrass beds serve as binders keeping the […]

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A Dugong in Club Paradise, Northern Palawan, Philippines

18 – 22 April 2010

Dirk Fahrenbach is a dear old friend of Yogi’s. He owns and runs Dugong Dive Center in Club Paradise and we met him in Singapore during ADEX 2010.  Upon finding out what we’ve been up to, Dirk immediately asked when we were visiting him in Club Paradise.

Still too many places to go, we were […]

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ADEX 2010 Singapore

9 – 11 April 2010

It was a fabulously planned and executed event! Asian Diver Magazine, the organizer of this year’s Asian Dive Expo in Singapore’s Suntec Convention Centre have a lot of kudos going their way for organizing such a brilliant trade show. We were invited to speak for half an hour each day of […]