WILDLIFE Under the Waves

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With great excitement, we would like to present our latest book by New Holland Publishing – WILDLIFE Under the Waves. This book has a collection of stunning images that showcase the full diversity of marine life — from mighty whales and graceful turtles through to huge shimmering shoals of fish and riotously coloured corals, anemones, crustaceans and sponges. The book contains 120 superb images taken in various locations around the world, and with strong representation from favoured areas such as the Asia/Pacific’s Coral Triangle, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef & Rowley Shoals and Fiji’s Great Sea Reef. Foreword is written by our good friends Sue Churchill and Rogan Draper who double up as our scientific editors and a special message from WWF Australia’s CEO Dermot O’Gorman! Wildlife Under the Waves-Foreword and WWF Message



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About the Author:

Stella was born in Manila, Philippines in 1965. She studied anthropology but ended up in advertising, producing radio and TV commercials for 7 years. After quitting advertising, she ventured into the freelance world in Manila producing video documentaries for a publishing house, government agencies, non govenmental organisations, and the academe. She moved on to producing books and had a stint at working with foreign production companies visiting Manila. Stella, now based in Cairns, produces photo stories with her husband Jürgen Freund.