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Jürgen Freund’s aim as a wildlife photographer is to shoot pictures that tell stories which matter. A mechanical engineer by training, he started his career as an industrial photographer in Germany, acquired an underwater camera, went scuba-diving in the alpine lakes and then discovered the marine environment. Since 1982, he has done underwater and nature photography, making much of his own equipment to suit his needs. Jürgen’s work, on land and under water, has been widely published all over the world. He has had solo exhibitions and has been a prize-winner in international competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In partnership with his wife Stella, a producer, he works closely with WWF, which uses his photographs in many of its conservation campaigns. For 18 straight months, he and Stella travelled the Asia / Pacific region of the Coral Triangle, photographing the richness of this hotspot of marine biodiversity on behalf of WWF.
  • Far Out - Far North, title picture

Far Out – Far North, a timelapse journey

Although the title sounds like some Arctic cold place, it is in fact from a very tropical Australian region. Sandwiched between two World Heritage Sites of the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics, Stella and I have been living in Far North Queensland for more than 10 years now. This part of the world has […]

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Asia-Pacific Reefs and Rainforests in the Tablelands Regional Gallery

This is officially the first entry in this blog! From April 4 to May 4 2014 we were so fortunate to have a photo exhibition entitled Asia-Pacific Reefs and Rainforests held at the Tablelands Regional Gallery. This was made possible with the support of the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Worldwide Fund for Nature! Opening night was a wonderful […]

  • WildPhotos speakers

WildPhotos 2011

WildPhotos 2011

A photographic event happens every autumn at the Royal Geographic Society in London. It is the UK’s largest nature photography symposium. WildPhotos plays host to some of the world’s top wildlife and environmental photographers – including winners of the prestigious Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

This year, I have been invited to […]

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Lake Eyre 2 – Birdlife and Pelicans in the Outback

Our first activity after getting our campsite nicely setup and cozy, was to take a 2 day aerial flight to see what the flooding looked like from the air, and to look for pelicans. With water from Queensland seeping into the normally dry outback country, the pelicans found rich waterways and feeding grounds. How they know where water in the […]

Lake Eyre 1 – Following the Water

Have you ever wondered what a massive lake in the middle of the flat dry Australian desert looks like?  Can you even begin to imagine what or where this famed lake is? Lake Eyre for those who know where it is geographically conjures visions of expansive dry salt fields beside the red sand dunes of the great Simpson Desert. And the Lake Eyre […]

October 2007 – Germany visit and Awards Ceremonies UK & US!

Only a week back from Tonga, we had to quickly pack for our European trip. Our visit to Germany finally happened and we stayed with mommy Freund for almost a month in her brand new abode in Kiel! Many bratwursts later, we happily enjoyed and celebrated being in lovely Germany, autumn of 2007.

The height of […]

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September 2007 – Sydney Coffee & Chocolate Tours and Humpback Whales

Taking a short break from reefs and rainforests, we visited our friends in Sydney who organize walking tours around the city for a superb treat of coffees and chocolates. Shelagh Coleman runs Sydney’s Chocolate Espresso Tours. For 2.5 to 3 hours, you will get to know a little more about the city and a LOT more […]

August 2007 – Nautilus

Now how did these beautiful deep-sea living fossils become so vulnerable? Our untiring quest to get them protected is unwavering. We must learn more about them before we can fight for their preservation.

Again onboard the Undersea Explorer for more science, the team goes forth with Dr. Peter Ward and Andy Dunstan.


July 2007 – Mike Ball Spoil Sport

Mike Ball’s luxurious liveaboard Spoil Sport brought us to the Great Barrier Reef’s famous Ribbon Reefs to interact with the playful minke whales. Moored in Lighthouse Bommie, minkes passed under us criss-crossing the bommie and guests hanging on minke lines. We took the chance to do our signature split level image with Spoily and Pixie […]

June 2007 – The German Invasion

Somehow friends and family often make it to visit us during Aussie winters. This year was no different with Lars & Carolin Abromeit visiting first. Jet-lagged and straight off the plane, we made them walk the forest for two hours to see waterfalls and trees.

Following close were the arrival of nephew Julius Freund and his […]

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