Our set of Foto Cards is made of 16 different images, mostly marine subjects. These high quality panoramic Foto Cards are very different from what you normally find in the market. The size is huge: 30 cm x 15 cm (12 inch x 6 inch). The print is brilliantly enhanced with a layer of spot lamination which gives the cards an almost three dimensional look. Around the picture is a 3 mm wide embossed rim. Every subject has an extensive caption on the backside which gives you information about the individual animal or situation. You may use them in many ways: to mail like normal postcards, to frame for your walls or to give away as gifts.

Each card costs AUD 4.00 plus shipping. Please click into a card if you like to buy any.

If you like to buy please send an email to:

Since we travel quite a bit and have no access to our stock we rather don’t use an automated shopping cart. That may result in unhappy customers.

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