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The Coral Triangle, a 6 million-square kilometer expanse of land and sea encompassing the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste, is the world’s epicenter of marine diversity, home to extraordinary wildlife and large human communities, and a critical economic resource. In May 2009, award-winning photographer Jürgen Freund and Stella-Chiu Freund set out on an 18-month photographic expedition for WWF across the Coral Triangle, visiting bustling centers of marine product trade as well as some of the most remote and breathtaking habitats on earth.

The results of this fantastic and unforgettable trip, the first of its kind for WWF, are compiled in THE CORAL TRIANGLE, a 276-page book that showcases the faces, places, and wildlife that make this region a truly remarkable place, as well as a fragile wonder that must be conserved. The book includes over 400 stunning photographs documenting life and death, from the color and abundance of fish life and magnificent animals amidst rich coral reefs, to the systematic slaughter of a leather back turtle and other images of danger and destruction.

The Freunds recount their adventures in their own words, alongside essays by international conservation experts on the diversity and threats facing this special place. The Coral Triangle is an unprecedented journey into one of the world’s most extraordinary natural treasures—a must-have for divers, nature photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone who cares about the future of this planet.

The Coral Triangle, Publishers: Asian Development Bank & WWF – 2011, Authors: Jürgen Freund and Stella Chiu-Freund, 276 Pages with more than 400 stunning photographs, size: 11” x 11”