We have more than 30 years of experience in photojournalism, conservation, adventure and commercial photography. From the bottom of the Ocean to the thick of the rainforest until the blue of the sky, we constantly elevate our photography to tell compelling visual stories which matter.


Whether a beginner photographer wanting to learn how to use your new DSLR or an avid photographer ready to take your camera on a journey of discovery, come learn with a master photographer and feed your spirit to explore the natural wonders of the tropics. This is your perfect location to hone your photography skills while holidaying at Thala Beach Nature Reserve, a beachfront eco retreat between Cairns and Port Douglas.

Join Juergen Freund as he mentors you on your photographic holiday in beautiful Tropical North Queensland – a fantastic photographic workshop at the heart of two World Heritage Sites in Far North Queensland, Australia – the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef.

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From the tropical rainforests of the Australian Wet Tropics to the clear skies of the outback. Natural and industrial processes that are too slow to be recognized by the naked eye. We shoot with state of the art computerized motion controlled slider systems as well as custom made equipment from our in-house production.



Travelers to the Center of Life.

How far can a journey take you? How many new sights, sounds, and sensations can you absorb, when you open your eyes and remove the barriers of your mind? What happens to your heart when a playful green marine turtle looks you in the eye, or when lightning puts on a spectacular show for you in a burning sunset sky? Do you fret for the spent oceans, as humans take far beyond what they need for profit as well as for survival, only to find joy again when people truly learn to respect nature and protect it for their children? Did you come here only to see, but find yourself blessed with an unexpected gift—the gift of feeling and hoping and dreaming along with all that you meet?

For Jürgen Freund and Stella Chiu-Freund, wildlife and underwater photographers, chroniclers of nature, married couple, and traveling companions on many adventures in the natural world, the gifts have been too numerous to count. Their photographic odyssey through many countries of the Coral Triangle, Australia and Fiji are chronicled and preserved in spectacular images accompanied by spellbinding stories that enthralls and leave one with a lasting impression of awe and inspiration.

To book them for speaking engagements, please inquire at: freundimages@gmail.com



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First Day – Labasa, Fiji’s Northern Division

28 March 2013

Labasa Town, Northern Division, Fiji

The incredibly efficient and fired up WWF South Pacific team in Fiji has given us a packed itinerary for our five weeks stay to document the entire length of the Great Sea Reefs of Fiji. Locally known as Cakaulevu, the Great Sea Reefs is the world’s third longest continuous barrier reef system. It runs for over 200km from the Northern Division’s north eastern tip of Udu point in Vanua Levu to Bua at the north west edge of Vanua Levu, across the Vatuira passage, veering off along the way to hug the coastlines of Ra and Ba provinces in Viti Levu and into the Yasawas of the Western Division. This amazing area in the South Pacific is barely known to the world. It is our […]

  • Gurano Bintang (whale shark) WWF Indonesia's education boat.

Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay, Province of Papua, Indonesia

23 March 2013

I really believe in saying “it’s better late than never”. Well, this post is almost a year late but nonetheless, the experience is still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday.  As we get ready to leave tomorrow for our next brand new expedition to Fiji, I thought it best to finish 1 back-log entry and start fresh for the Great Sea Reefs of Fiji – and today being Earth Hour to boot!

In mid April 2012, we were finally able to return to Indonesia and accomplish our last unfinished business for WWF – that of making the long journey to Cenderawasih Bay where the giant fish waited for us. Cenderawasih Bay or bird of paradise bay is a massive body […]

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The Coral Triangle Expedition now in YouTube!

Four years ago our expedition started in April 2009. Another year and a half later, we finished an almighty big book called The Coral Triangle. And yet another year after that (as in today), we finally managed to make a short slideshow summary of our fantastic Coral Triangle adventure through this YouTube video.

Original music composed by William Goodchild.

  • Rainbow Bee-eater male (Merops ornatus) busy helping missus dig a nesting hole on the ground before flying back to his perch.

Our Backyard Rainbow Bee-eaters

Sometime mid-October, we received a series of urgent text messages from our Wednesday gardener/landscaper Kelvin: “the rainbow bee-eaters are digging a nesting hole in the sand 5 meters away from your parked Troopy by the empty lot beside the apartment!” he wrote. Kelvin explained where the hole was and to make it fool-proof to find, he placed a flowerpot, a metal stick and a flag to mark the spot, also to make sure no vehicle ran over it!  We saw Kelvin the next day beside our Troopy and had a long chat about the birds and their latest escapades. The birds were busy, still digging the hole in the sand and flying about. Then something amazing happened – I saw […]

  • With Cape Grafton and False Cape in the background and Cairns in the foreground, here's a time lapsed composition of the grand total solar eclipse in Cairns Queensland sunrise morning of 14 November 2012. Since the earlier part of the eclipse was cloud covered, the below composite is an inverted duplication of the upper part of the eclipse.

Cairns Total Solar Eclipse

Even as local Cairns residents living by the beach of Yorkeys Knob, we too were solar eclipse chasers. We snubbed our beach and decided to go far far away. We booked our campground in Cape Tribulation for Monday and Tuesday and practised waking up at 4am Tuesday to get our body clocks ready for eclipse morning Wednesday. Upon reaching our secret destination in some beautiful but unpopulated beach, the tide was incredibly high and the wind howling, sending constant salt sprays onto every bit of our camera gear! “Abort, abort!” cried Yogi and we packed up and headed back to Cairns for Plan B but still checking out many other locations in Daintree along the way!

Plan B was the bedroom […]

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  • Carol with her bag of rolled oats and Mareeba Rock wallaby mom and joey patiently waiting for a feed

JCU Nature Photography Masterclass 1 – Review

An entry from one of our participants from Ballarat, Victoria – Carol Hall.  This article is written by Carol for the Ballarat Camera Club newsletter.

Masterclass in Nature Photography

James Cook University, Cairns June 29-July 6   2012

When Liz forwarded the email flyer about this course I jumped at the opportunity to re-visit Far North Queensland after 25 years and at the same time seek to improve my skills in Nature & Landscape Photography.

Jürgen Freund is a multi-award winning photographer (his images have appeared in several BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions) who specialises in underwater photography, in particular coral reef habitats. His wife Stella works alongside him, dealing with the logistics of their assignments; together they form a highly effective team, […]

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Tolga Bat Hospital Story in GEOlino Magazine

In the past five years, we have had two super strong category 5 cyclones visit our part of the world in Far North Queensland, Australia – Cyclone Larry in March 2006 and Cyclone Yasi in February 2011. The incredibly strong winds stripped our dense forest foliage naked and as a result, full sunshine caused wild tobacco to grow from the forest floor. Fruit bats normally found foraging in tree canopies were on the ground feasting on tobacco leaves. Here lived paralytic ticks which attacked a huge population of fruit bats causing deaths in the humungous thousands leaving behind 400 orphan babies and 800 adults in the care of the Tolga Bat Hospital. We first visited Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton […]

  • JCU Masterclass class picture with Noel our driver at Millaa Millaa Falls

First JCU Masterclass in Nature Photography

29 June – 6 July 2012

Alas the dust has settled and the photo bags, tripods and cables are stored safely back into their normal place at home – the first masterclass is accomplished. And what a fun hard working 8 days it was. JCU Masterclass in Nature Photography is a success!

But for two months before D-day, Yogi manically prepared to be a teacher. Day after day, he fussed, fretted and worked hard at making his lectures interesting, relevant and as much targeted learning as possible – from the very basic to the extremely high level of difficulty. As a result – thirteen happy participants who didn’t want the course to end. “Two more weeks?” Philip asked.

The second Masterclass is from September […]



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