Please call +61-439793710 or email: freundimages@gmail.com

Where: We will spend the day in Yungaburra and in field locations in the Atherton Tablelands.

Workshop time: Start at 9:00 am

Price: AUD 295.- per person.

Number of Participants: min 2 – max 6 participants

Selfdrive only

In this Full Day Landscape and Waterfall Photo Workshop you will learn how to photograph stunning landscapes and waterfalls. Learn how to stitch landscape panoramas and demystify HDR photography.

Workshops starts at Yungaburra in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, just 90 minutes west of Cairns. Yungaburra and its surroundings are at the edge of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area and showcase some fantastic National Park rainforests nearby. The Tablelands are about 700m to 1000m above sea level and weather here is much cooler and less humid than the coast. Here, we find upland rainforest with crystal clear creeks and extinct Maar volcanoes. We want to be on site once we’re teaching so not to waste precious tutorial time on long car rides when most scenes are just 10-30 minutes away.

We will have some indoor teaching but will try to spend as much time in nature shooting at nearby National Parks. Please be aware that we may be doing some walking on National Park tracks.


Workshop includes:

  • Tea and coffee provided
  • National Park fees and permits

What to bring?

  • Please bring your own lunch
  • Please bring a digital SLR with wide and tele lenses. Please bring your camera manual, the easiest is to download a pdf version from the manufacturers website and load it onto your smart phone, computer or tablet.
  • Don’t forget your memory cards and all your chargers for camera and batteries.
  • A sturdy tripod would be great to have.
  • Also bring a cable release.
  • If you are planning to make a major lens or camera purchase but still have some nagging questions? Please email me at freundimages@gmail.com for advise.

How will the weather be and what clothes and general equipment to bring?

  • Even though we live in the tropical part of Australia, the Tablelands can be quite cold at night. It is very pleasantly cool in the summer nights and sometimes can be close to freezing in winter. Please bring warm cloths at all times. A beanie and/or a hat will be good to have.
  • The days are really quite pleasant and we will be walking through some of the rainforest and creeks.
  • Please bring rain gear like a lightweight jacket or poncho. Just in case the weather turns bad.
  • It’s actually a good idea to bring a small collapsible lightweight umbrella to be able to keep shooting even when it drizzles or rains. Keep this tucked in your camera backpack at all times.
  • Bring a water bottle or better yet a flask or thermos for coffee or tea to bring with you.



What will we do?

  • Learn all about your digital slr camera and how to get the most out of it. From manual exposure settings to various automatic settings.
  • Shooting in RAW and creating images that look good.
  • Landscape and waterfall photography.
  • Digital workflow and file management.
  • Panorama stitching and HDR photography
  • Adobe Lightroom Techniques

The group!

  • We keep our Photo Workshops small with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 participants. This will ensure in-depth learning experience and plenty of one-on-one tutoring.

* Workshop subject to changes

Meeting point: Yungaburra Information Centre: Maud Kehoe Park, 2 Kehoe Place, Yungaburra, QLD 4884