JCU Nature Photo Masterclasses 2013


We lead Nature Photo Masterclasses for JCU – James Cook University in Cairns

Location − James Cook University (JCU), Cairns Campus and Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands. Lake Eacham is an extinct volcanic crater lake, filled with crystal clear water, surrounded by 1200 acres of lush tropical highland rainforest.

This unforgettable experience will provide you with advanced skills in nature photography. In five field days you will:

  • -  Develop the specialised skills necessary for photographic work in natural environments
  • -  Uncover the remarkable, environmental features of Australia’s tropical far north, gaining an in-depth appreciation for it’s vibrant and breathtaking flora and fauna
  • -  In this class we will specialise in Landscapes, Night, Wildlife and Macro photography and take particular interest in HDR, panorama stitching and focus stacking.
  • -  Work with Adobe Lightroom for post production

The dates for the two JCU Nature Photo Masterclasses 2013

First class September 22-29

Second class November 2-9

Register now: www.jcu.edu.au/naturemasterclass

For further inquiries please send an email to us:

email: freundimages@gmail.com


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