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Second and third dive – Lembeh Strait

23 September 2009 Our second dive today is in Jahir I, named after the one of the pioneer Indonesian dive guides, Jahir! It was spectacular. I'm running out of superlatives here and pretty soon, I'm going to sound boring. Too much of !!!!! Third dive was in Airbajo I. Here are some pictures to show [...]

Twittering “24 Hours in the Life of WWF” from Lembeh Strait

23 September 2009 I am now enlightened on the world famous place called Lembeh Strait. I'm no longer a Lembeh virgin! Hurrah! We're here in Lembeh Resort to show what biodiversity is all about. Coincidentally, we're also here to Twitter our activities, joining in the worldwide celebration of WWF Founder Sir Peter Scott's 100th birthday. For one [...]

Fish Life – Tulamben

12 - 18 September 2009 Two normally elusive creatures, a red grouper and a mantis shrimp, posing for the camera at a cleaning station While in Tauch Terminal, the easy access to the Liberty Wreck and a house reef made us dive and dive and dive till we couldn't see straight anymore. And we [...]

Diving with Tauch Terminal, Tulamben – North Bali

Tauch Terminal Dive Resort - 100 meters walk away from fantastic diving in the Marine Protected Area of Liberty Wreck 12 - 19 September 2009 First I have to pay tribute to the women porters of Tulamben. They literally risk their necks for us, and it's quite embarrassing to see them carry one [...]

Mantas and Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

10 September 2009 After five months of straight shooting, we had to slow down and work on the thousands of images. The WWF Global Photo Network had been patiently waiting for their hi-resolution images but we could feel their itchy fingers wanting to get hold of the files! :) So in beautiful Bali we holed [...]

Live Reef Fish Trade and People of Pulau Mesa

20 August 2009 We got off our 12-day liveaboard on the Seven Seas and hired ourselves a local floating home named Merannu, or Bajo language for “happy.” Our four-night floating hotel - Flores style We swung again from luxury to basic and as always, found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Now our aim was to [...]