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Please call +61-439793710 or email: freundimages@gmail.com

Where: We will spend the weekend in Chillagoe. Please note, this workshop is subject to weather conditions.

Workshop time: Start Saturday at noon, finish Sunday afternoon

Price: AUD 385.- per person.

Number of Participants: min 2 – max 6 participants.

Selfdrive only

Night Sky Photography is a fantastic branch of nature photoraphy, picturing star constellations and the milky way including the natural setting in the image. What we need though is a clear, dry atmosphere. The sky in the Wet Tropics is generally moist and often cloudy. Just 200km or a 3hour scenic drive west of Cairns lies the outback town of Chillagoe. With some distance to the wetter area the night skies are often really clear. The best time of the month for night sky photography is around New Moon when the sky is darkest. National Parks in Chillagoe are riddled limestone structures and caves not to forget the abandoned tin mine in town. Night shooting is a very tiring activity and we shall try to stay awake as long as possible.



Workshop includes:

  • National Park fees and permits

What photo gear to bring?

  • Please bring a digital SLR with a good wide angle lens and other zoom lenses that you may own. The brighter the lens the better. Please bring your camera manual, the easiest is to download a pdf version from the manufacturers website and load it onto your smart phone, computer or tablet.
  • A sturdy tripod is essential.
  • Any flash equipment you own.
  • Head torch and maybe a tiny red LED light that is just strong enough to illuminate your camera displays without casting any light onto the subjects.
  • A cable release. Best would be a timer trigger that can be purchased for about AUD 15.- from ebay.
  • Your camera batteries, chargers and memory cards. Notebook computer with a copy of Adobe Lightroom installed, even if it’s just a 30 day evaluation copy.
  • If you are planning to make a major lens or camera purchase but still have some nagging questions? Please email me at freundimages@gmail.com for advise.

How will the weather be and what clothes and general equipment to bring?

  • Even though we live in the tropical part of Australia, the Tablelands can be quite cold at night. It is pleasantly cool in the summer nights but it can be close to freezing in winter at night. Please bring warm cloths at all times. A beanie and/or a hat will be good to have.
  • The days are really quite pleasant and we will be walking through rocky country. Good sturdy shoes are recommended.
  • Please bring rain gear like a lightweight jacket or poncho or a little umbrella. Just in case the weather turns bad.
  • Bring a water bottle or better yet a flask or thermos for coffee or tea to bring with you.
  • If you plan to camp, please bring your equipment. You would know best what you need for the outdoors. Please be aware it can be very cold at night in winter in the outback. Bring warm sleeping bags. If you don’t plan to cook for yourself, there is a restaurant in the lodge.



What will we do?

  • This is an advanced photo workshop. You should be comfortable working with your camera, especially at night. Train yourself already to control as many buttons as possible in the dark. That helps keeping the light off when shooting.
  • We will start with a show-and-tell of required photo equipment to do long exposure night shots. Pre-shoot lecture.
  • Daytime scouting of some of the places where we will shoot at night. It is very difficult to navigate and shoot in an area at night if you don’t know your way around. We will be visiting some of the National Park sites.
  • Light painting.
  • File management and Adobe Lightroom lecture at daytime
  • Critique of participant’s photos


  • We will stay at the Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge: coel.com.au The lodge is well outside of town has a large caravan park and rooms for rent. I personally prefer to camp, that keeps me closer to the subjects and cameras all night long. The campground is quite spacious and can in itself be utilized as a night sky photo studio. If you prefer to stay in a room, there are air-conditioned rooms available. An onsite restaurant caters to any food requiremets. Rooms can be booked at: phone (+61 7) 4094 7155

The group!

  • We keep our Photo Workshops small with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 participants. This will ensure in-depth learning experience and plenty of one-on-one tutoring.

* Workshop subject to changes