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Have you ever wondered why the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland, Australia is so loved by many locals, national and international visitors? Ever imagine what pristine natural environments look like? Ever wished you could see the Atherton Tablelands again and again without leaving your home? Look no more. Here’s the new Atherton Tablelands DVD which has a beautiful compilation of scenes of the most beloved areas and animals from the Atherton Tablelands. The price is AUD 25.- incl. shipping within Australia, and AUD 30.- internationally.




Wendy & Joe Paronella, TRC Mayor
“Wonderful talent by Jürgen Freund.  The amazing capture of the essence of this most scenic part of Australia is seen in this Atherton Tablelands video.  Where else would we want to call home?! Congratulations Jürgen & Stella!”

Justin Commons, TRC CEO
“The Atherton Tablelands DVD video is very inspiring and uplifting – with spectacular imagery of the region and many flora and fauna I have not yet seen since moving to the Tablelands.”

Paul & Roberta Michna
“As always Jürgen’s work is to a world standard.  The Atherton Tablelands video is an illuminative capture of the ever-changing textures and colours of the Tablelands throughout the day and seasons.”

Julie & Dave Bilney, TRC Councillor
“What a fantastic representation of the Tablelands and its flora and fauna.  Well documented and compiled.  Highly professional.”

Christina Cameron, Commonwealth Ambassador
“Jürgen’s work is most enlightening.  No one really knows how rich and the extent of the natural beauty we enjoy in the Tablelands, until seeing this DVD!”

Zoe Adams
“Interesting video.  I’m a teenager and I was fascinated all throughout.  Great quality of photography.  Music fit the video well.  Time-lapse were my favourite part!”

Gina Crameri & Peter Watson
“Jürgen Freund is a brilliant professional who captivated the uniqueness of the Atherton Tablelands.  Huge congratulations on so many levels to Jürgen’s world class photographic &
 filmmaking skills.”

Tina Redmond & Wayne Veivers
“One word!  AMAZING!  The Atherton Tablelands video has amazing footage of what our wonderful place has to offer.”

Pedro Simpson
“I feel it is a very valuable resource to show, remember, represent and educate people about the Tablelands.  Being local, it brings a sense of pride and wonder for this beautiful and naturally rich environment.  It also inspires to preserve and keep it pristine.”

Tamara Lay
“The Atherton Tablelands video is beautiful and moving – this film made me feel so privileged to live in this incredible part of the world!  I’m so proud of it, I’m even ok with Stella & Yogi sharing it with the world.  Well done!”