We have more than 30 years of experience in photojournalism, conservation, adventure and commercial photography. From the bottom of the Ocean to the thick of the rainforest until the blue of the sky, we constantly elevate our photography to tell compelling visual stories which matter.


Whether a beginner photographer wanting to learn how to use your new DSLR or an avid photographer ready to take your camera on a journey of discovery, come learn with a master photographer and feed your spirit to explore the natural wonders of the tropics. This is your perfect location to hone your photography skills while holidaying at Thala Beach Nature Reserve, a beachfront eco retreat between Cairns and Port Douglas.

Join Juergen Freund as he mentors you on your photographic holiday in beautiful Tropical North Queensland – a fantastic photographic workshop at the heart of two World Heritage Sites in Far North Queensland, Australia – the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef.

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From the tropical rainforests of the Australian Wet Tropics to the clear skies of the outback. Natural and industrial processes that are too slow to be recognized by the naked eye. We shoot with state of the art computerized motion controlled slider systems as well as custom made equipment from our in-house production.



Travelers to the Center of Life.

How far can a journey take you? How many new sights, sounds, and sensations can you absorb, when you open your eyes and remove the barriers of your mind? What happens to your heart when a playful green marine turtle looks you in the eye, or when lightning puts on a spectacular show for you in a burning sunset sky? Do you fret for the spent oceans, as humans take far beyond what they need for profit as well as for survival, only to find joy again when people truly learn to respect nature and protect it for their children? Did you come here only to see, but find yourself blessed with an unexpected gift—the gift of feeling and hoping and dreaming along with all that you meet?

For Jürgen Freund and Stella Chiu-Freund, wildlife and underwater photographers, chroniclers of nature, married couple, and traveling companions on many adventures in the natural world, the gifts have been too numerous to count. Their photographic odyssey through many countries of the Coral Triangle, Australia and Fiji are chronicled and preserved in spectacular images accompanied by spellbinding stories that enthralls and leave one with a lasting impression of awe and inspiration.

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  • Children of Kavewa Island start a mangrove planting activity with freshly picked mangrove propagules.

Kavewa Island – Mangrove Reforestation and the Reefs

4 – 6 April 2013

A charming activity took the children of Kavewa by storm one overcast Saturday morning. All the school children from Kavewa Village had just come back home for the weekend from their boarding school in Drua Drua (another nearby island) when they were assigned to go pick as much propagules in the mangrove forest as they could for some mangrove replanting session. Like wound up toys, they disappeared like a lightning flash and came out of the mangroves an hour later with red mangrove propagules in their arms. They were so excited!

Mangroves are plants that serve as natural buffers between the ocean and the land. They protect the islands during storms and cyclones. Mangroves grow and proliferate and can […]

  • Turtle rodeo catch, tag and release. Turtle monitor Emosi Time catching a big male green turtle.

Kavewa Island – Turtle Monitor

4 – 6 April 2013

Emosi Time, son of Kavewa Village chief is known as a Dau ni Vonu or Turtle Monitor. Emosi used to be a turtle hunter, catching turtles for turtle meat offered in traditional Fijian celebrations. Since 2011, Emosi has turned from the dark side and is now a guardian of turtles. Lifting text from the WWF South Pacific website: “The Dau ni Vonu, or Turtle Monitors, are members of 10 local community field sites where turtles are under threat, often remote islands. It was not so long ago in Fiji that eating turtle meat was commonplace; many people grew up on turtle meat. Today WWF’s efforts and the Turtle Moratorium banning the harvesting of turtles is beginning to change this. And […]

  • The traditional Fijian communal dance is called a 'meke' combines dancing, singing, chanting, clapping and drum beating.

Village Life in Kavewa Island

4 – 6 April 2013

We departed Mali Island soon after our last amazing crab lunch to make it to Kavewa Island with the incoming tide, so we could dock right in front of the village beach. When we reached Kavewa by mid afternoon, a welcome meke started as we reached the beach (which we presumptuously thought was performed in our honour) and we exclaimed “Oh how wonderful that they waited for us to arrive to have a special meke welcome!” Apparently and begrudgingly we realised, it was the Fijian Ministry of Information’s activity and initiative to document all current tradition of dance and chanting from all island villages. We were just extremely lucky to reach Kavewa as the meke started. The sun […]

  • Coral Reef in the Great Sea Reefs with diver silhouetted against a coral cave.

Mali Island – Diving, Spearfishing and Sea Snakes

2 – 3 April 2013

We had a grand opportunity of checking out the Great Sea Reef underwater while in Mali Island. Our Ligaulevu Village host Leone Vokai operates a brand new dive shop called the Great Sea Reef Divers and he invited us to go diving with him. It had been raining non-stop for like the past 6 weeks in the northern part of Fiji and when we got to Mali Island, the rain blessedly stopped. It was time to see the GSR underwater so off we went in Leone’s fiberglass boat with John Robinson as our skipper.

We departed Ligaulevu Village early in the morning after breakfast to have the incoming tide bring in clear water. But with the past 6 weeks […]

  • Mud crabs in the water by the mangrove roots - split level image.

Mali Island – Mangroves and Crabs

30 March – 2 April 2013

When we first received our shot list from Patricia Mallam of WWF South Pacific on what to document in the Great Sea Reef, one line jumped out like it was in ALL CAPS and in BOLD LETTERS. MUD CRABS! 

I simply adore eating mud crabs. To go to a village or villages harvesting mud crabs from their mangroves, I might as well be in heaven. On Mali Island, thick mangrove forests cover substantial parts of the island’s coastlines. This got me really excited seeing pure mud crab habitat in the thick mangrove forests! I was not shy in telling our hosts in each village that I could eat mud crabs every day! And guess what, I ate mud crabs […]

  • Tui Mali Ratu Apenisa Bogiso holds up two skeleton bones of a stranded sperm whale.

Days with the Chiefs – Mali Island (Nakawaqa Village, Vorovoro Island and Ligaulevu)

30 March – 2 April 2013

Mali Island

The nearest island to Labasa Town is Mali Island, comprised of 3 villages on the island (Nakawaqa, Ligaulevu & Vesi) and 1 (Matailabasa) on mainland Vanua Levu. We visited 2 villages and experienced real Fijian life head on.

Our first stop was Nakawaqa Village (pronounced Nakawangka) where Macuata Province’s only surviving authentic bure (Fijian bungalow) is still in use by Village Head Ratu Jovilisi Nagatalevu. It was Easter Sunday and Ratu Jovilisi was reading his Bible inside his beautiful Fijian bure hut, traditionally made with tall forest wood posts with straw roof and walls. These type houses are strong and weatherproof, bringing cool winds and light through three doorways. Bures are known to be cool […]

  • _D829160

Life in Navakasobu Village with Kava, Weaving and Fishing

30 March 2013

Navakasobu Village, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Our wonderful guide and companion Koli Musudroka, WWF Field Officer for Labasa invited us to his village on Black Saturday. He had been telling us about the women in his village weaving a special kind of mat and traditional Fijian wedding costumes made of a reed locally called kuta. So we made a trip to Navakasobu and did a traditional sevusevu with the village elders.

Upon our arrival, we were treated to a community hall with women weaving beautifully fine mats that were all around us. Our intentions were made clear by Koli to his village chief who was his uncle and to the other elders, and we offered our kava and of course, some pictures of our Fotocards. We were given blessings and […]

  • _D828634

Happy Holi!

29 March 2013

Korowiri Village, Labasa, Fiji

While the world I’m familiar with conducts solemn Good Friday activities celebrating the passion of Christ in quiet contemplation, another world celebrates a new year the Hindi way, with the festival of colours! Happy Holi!

We had a free day on Good Friday (which in Fiji is called Easter Friday) as the staff of WWF all went back to their villages to be with their families and loved ones to have a quiet prayerful non-working day. The streets were empty and thought hmm, what should we do today. We asked our hotel security guard, Satish Chand, if he had seen anyone carrying a big cross walking towards the Catholic church from where he was sitting, as he was facing […]



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