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The Tubbataha Rangers

16 April 2009

Rangers – NAVY

 Team Leader: Elmer “Jhing” F. de los Santos

Secille G. Balot

 Romeo “Romy” O. Bellezo

Richard C. Iglesias

Rangers – TMO (Tubbataha Management Office)

 Segundo “Seconds” F. Conales Jr.

Noel “Manny” A. Bundal

Ranger – WWF Philippines

 Eulalio “Choy” D. Calagui Jr.

Rangers – LGU (Local Government Unit)

Jolver “Anguy” Calingao

 Marco “Backs” Bungar

These guys are about ready to go home after […]

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Dive Tales Tubbataha Reefs – Day 5

15 April 2009

Dive 1, 7:30, Black Rock

N8 47.868 E119 50.440

Hmmm — 6:30 morning rain. We’re going to be rained on in Bird Islet in a few days! Not a nice thought.

Before the dive, our German dive group mates ordered pygmy seahorses, and guess what — our guide Welmer found one. Hippocampus Denise at 20 meters! […]

  • Delsan wreck full of schooling jacks or trevallies.

Dive Tales Tubbataha Reefs – Day 4

14 April 2009

Dive 1, 7:30, Delsan Wreck

We went a way back from the wreck, to the point where our boatman said it was a different dive site altogether! But the drift was so strong, we ended up in the wreck at the end. Saw long lines, and coral was dangling from under one of them. […]

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Dive Tales Tubbataha Reefs – Day 3

13 April 2009

Dive 1, 7:30am, Malayan Wreck

Blue water hang at 20 meters, waiting for schooling hammerhead sharks to pass by. This was a test of patience. We have never been lucky with hammerheads and often have to explain to the dive masters that we bring bad hammerhead luck. But the plankton was interesting. There was […]

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Dive Tales Tubbataha Reefs – Day 2

12 April 2009

Dive 1, 7:30 am, Bird Islet’s Washing Machine

Hardly any current, but this dive was fantastic. Our dive master Omer Alanis already pre-checked where the huge school of jacks was, and made us go down exactly where they were. The water was finally crystal clear, and the jacks magnificent. We followed them and would […]

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Dive Tales from Tubbataha – Day 1

11 April 2009

Dive 1, 7:30am, Malayan wreck

It was the first dive of the trip, and it started with very slight current and some fan corals. The highlight of the dive came towards the end, when we reached the wreck in very shallow waters. There were sweetlips and a nearby school of jacks, which promptly went […]

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Box Jellyfish Hunt

10 April 2009 Puerto Princesa Pier Again had lovely breakfast with Angelique, Norman and their son Nathan Songco. Their house is just so lovely and a squirrel decided to pass us by hopping from tree to tree. Not everything with four legs gets eaten in the Philippines, as is the common knowledge. We had crispy […]

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Maundy Thursday in Puerto Princesa

9 April 2009

Puerto Princesa Wet Market

We arrived Puerto early evening of the 8th and immediately after checking in, were whisked away by our friend Angelique Songco, boss woman of Tubbataha Marine Park, to dinner at Ka Lui’s. Our host for the evening was Rolando “Boy” Bonoan, the Palawan Provincial Government’s Information Officer. What a welcome […]