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A Dugong in Club Paradise, Northern Palawan, Philippines

18 – 22 April 2010

Dirk Fahrenbach is a dear old friend of Yogi’s. He owns and runs Dugong Dive Center in Club Paradise and we met him in Singapore during ADEX 2010.  Upon finding out what we’ve been up to, Dirk immediately asked when we were visiting him in Club Paradise.

Still too many places to go, we were […]

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Club Ocellaris in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

27 – 31 March 2010

The charming clownfish finds a symbolic home out of water in this quaint dive resort by the sea in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas.  Club Ocellaris is where I first entered the water with a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and Boy Venus was there to teach and introduce me to this wonderful world of diving.

Club […]

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More Anilao, Mabini, Batangas Critters

27 – 31 March 2010

The province of Batangas has more than a 30-kilometer long coastline – Balayan Bay in the west and Batangas Bay in the east. To the north is the town of Bauan, and on the south is Maricaban Strait. Known to scuba divers as Anilao, the prime dive sites are found within […]

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Nudibranchs of Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

27 – 31 March 2010

Anilao Batangas was where I learned diving in 1997. I had been coming here camping on the rocks when I was still in college in the 80’s! Anilao was where Manila divers went for diving because it was closest to Manila and we all thought it was a pretty cool place […]

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Newest Dive Resort in Mindoro – Apo Reef Club

15 – 22 March 2010

Guenter Taus was my dive instructor for my PADI advance course many years ago. He also is part owner of Occidental Mindoro’s newest dive resort called Apo Reef Club. Michi Roos is the founder and operations manager of this resort in the Philippine tropics.

Slowly but surely, they are building an eco resort […]

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Apo Reef with Apo Reef Club, Mindoro, Philippines

15 – 22 March 2010

With the expedition team complete with our writer Alya Honasan, our first Philippine journey for this leg was to Apo Reef.  We spent a few days and nights on a quaint Philippine style liveaboard named Apo Reef Club I. This boat is smoothly run by Apo Reef Club’s charming Swiss manager Michi Roos […]

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Hasta La Vista Papua Diving

8 – 28 February 2010

Sorido Bay Resort

All too soon, it was time to say our farewells to everyone from this lovely resort. We spent quality working time here often leaving the resort at eight in the morning and coming back, still dripping wet, at seven in the evening when everybody had started with their dinner.

Yogi […]

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Landscapes and Seascapes of Raja Ampat

8 – 27 February 2010

While we were in North Raja Ampat, we were incredibly fortunate to have professional photographers and videographers Claudia & Leon Joubert document our stay and experience in what is arguably the epicenter of marine biodiversity. Claudia Pellarini-Joubert and Leon Joubert of the Bittenbysharks.com fame work with Max Ammer to manage and market Sorido Bay Resort.

Click and […]

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Seeing Magnificent Raja Ampat from the Air

27 February 2010

After days of grumbling about the weather, Yogi finally found his smile again. Max Ammer was bringing him along as co-pilot to his truly photogenic yellow aircraft.

Conservation International needed to do regular surveys to Raja Ampat by land, sea and air. They were fortunate enough to have Max Ammer firmly situated in the […]

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Marine Life of North Raja Ampat

8 – 26 February

If I may, I would like to lift a few bits and paragraphs written by Dr. Mark V. Erdmann, Senior Advisor Conservation International Indonesia Marine Program in his introduction of a new fantastic coffeetable book The Raja Ampat.  “Reefs on Steroids”, “The Kingdom of Coral”, “Heart of the Coral Triangle”, “The World’s Richest Reefs” . […]