New Year and Renewed Attention to the Blog!

16 January 2010 After  the busy Copenhagen Conference last year and the holiday season break, our friends in WWF International On-line & Communications Department have now the time to add new things into our blog and have put it in the main homepage! Whoopy! Thanks guys for pushing more readers to check out the amazing Coral [...]

Sick Boys and Tuna Underwater

December 27 With hardly any sleep for both of us, by 5:30am with still very faint light in the horizon, our boat crew caught a yellowfin tuna. I woke Yogi who by this time was an angry bear. We had been waiting for this - for our boat crew to catch a big tuna. So [...]

Let’s Catch Some Tuna!

December 26 Four out of six outrigger boats already in the fishing grounds when we arrived The crew on our ship went fishing by 9:30am. As in all of them! We just got here! They tethered our boat to the rakit and the other smaller outrigger pump boats already in the area tied [...]

Working Christmas

December 25 Gorontalo Harbour Stella & Yogi in Kuala Lumpur's KLCC, the six level shopping mall of Petronas Twin Towers! We're soaking in a CITY!!! What?! Working on Christmas? Sadly, yes.  But we had our fill of pre-Christmas in the 3 days we spent with friends in Kuala Lumpur for our visa run. [...]

Edi Frommenwiler, Pindito and Raja Ampat

Edi Frommenwiler Movie "Wild Eye of Raja Ampat" on YouTube 15 years ago, when Yogi quit his office job as industrial photographer of MTU in Munich and became a fulltime freelance photojournalist, he embarked on a one-year self-funded expedition to Christmas Island and the Coral Triangle - Indonesia, Sabah & the Philippines. He spent a [...]

North Raja Ampat with Mantas!

15 December - Tuesday Jef Fam Woke up at 5am to look if our Panda flag was still flying on the mast of the Pindito. Yup, still there. It did a long night trip through from the south to the north. Hope there are no holes by now . . . First dive was in Batu [...]

Diving the Famed Misool, Raja Ampat!

12 December Boo Windows The Pindito steamed all of last night till 10am this morning to Misool. The first dive site at 11am was in Boo.  The landscape of limestone islands and outcrops is similar to Coron and El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Beautiful! This is finally my introduction to Raja Ambat as Yogi has been [...]

More Banda Neira and Seram, Moluccas

10 December Banda Islands is historically known as part of the Spice Islands of the Moluccas. It belongs to  a string of islands south east of Ambon. It has an old Dutch fort and there is a volcano here called Gunung Api (mountain of fire) which erupted in 1988. The lava flow from topside is [...]

Diving Banda Neira, Moluccas

9 December 2009 I woke up to a nice porthole view of a small islet called Suanggi. Red Pindito dingy takes off for Suanggi Islet diving The birds were all over the islet - brown boobies, red footed boobies, frigate birds . . .  Yogi wondered if there were tropic birds but didn’t [...]

Diving Twilight Zone – Ambon, Moluccas

8 December 2009 We finally got on board the lovely Pindito and an old friend of Yogi's  Edi Frommenwiler, Pindito owner and Raja Ampat pioneer made it to be with us with his brand new RED camera and Gates housing. Our first and second dives were in Ambon in what is famously known as Twilight Zone. It [...]