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The Coral Triangle Expedition now in YouTube!

Four years ago our expedition started in April 2009. Another year and a half later, we finished an almighty big book called The Coral Triangle. And yet another year after that (as in today), we finally managed to make a short slideshow summary of our fantastic Coral Triangle adventure through this YouTube video.

Original music composed […]

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Tuna Festival in Mamburao – Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

26 March 2010

Today, I received a birthday greeting from our dear Paul Sunters, the Managing Photo Editor of the WWF Global Photo Network! It is my one year blog anniversary since writing my first entry! Imagine that! I went back to that first entry and thought, “where has the time gone?” And yet we’ve done so much […]

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Sick Boys and Tuna Underwater

December 27

With hardly any sleep for both of us, by 5:30am with still very faint light in the horizon, our boat crew caught a yellowfin tuna. I woke Yogi who by this time was an angry bear. We had been waiting for this – for our boat crew to catch a big tuna. So I […]

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Let’s Catch Some Tuna!

December 26

The crew on our ship went fishing by 9:30am. As in all of them! We just got here! They tethered our boat to the rakit and the other smaller outrigger pump boats already in the area tied to us.

Now it was a game of waiting. And endless waiting. I swear, Yogi & I will […]

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Working Christmas

December 25
Gorontalo Harbour

What?! Working on Christmas? Sadly, yes.  But we had our fill of pre-Christmas in the 3 days we spent with friends in Kuala Lumpur for our visa run. Every two months we have to leave Indonesia and come back to continue our shoot.

And on Dec 23, it was back to work and we […]

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Funae Fishing Skipjack Tuna

23 October 2009

This day was a walk down memory lane. Eight years ago, when we were finalizing our shoot for our book Sulu Sulawesi Seas for WWF, we spent five midnights to mornings with the funae fishermen of Bunaken Island.

Their hard work started when they bought live anchovies in Tanawango in mainland Manado at midnight. When there […]

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Circle Hooks and De-Hookers

10 October 2009

This is the day Yogi turns 50! Happy half-a-century, Yogibear!

It is also the day we learned about the circle hook and de-hooking tuna longline vessels’ by-catch.

Hafizh Adyas of WWF Indonesia oversees the By-catch Programme, and Rudy Masuswo Purwoko, a Bitung fisheries teacher and former WWF onboard observer, trains the Nutrindo tuna longliner crew about de-hooking […]

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Say Tuna!

5 – 10 October 2009

After intensive diving in Lembeh, it was again time to shift gears and swing to the other extreme of photographing fisheries. This time it was all about tuna.

We met the young Hafizh Adyas of WWF Indonesia in Bitung. With Hafizh’s guidance, excellent English, and charmingly sensitive people skills, we met some […]

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Bali, Indonesia: Hope in Paradise

By Alya B. Honasan

IT was serendipitous that an important meeting of Coral Triangle partners was going on in Bali at the same time we visited, as scientists, conservation experts, and government representatives from all over the world gathered to work out plans of action. That meant that a whole battery of experts was ready and […]

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Jacana Tuna Fish Landing

22/23/24 April 2009

Now back on land with all our gear full of salt, we shifted gears and spent slow quality time cleaning and maintaining our stuff. We also had to re-energize and plan our next Palawan trips to Roxas, Taytay and El Nido.  Still with swollen fingers, Alya flew back to Manila early evening of […]