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The Different Marine Habitats of Komodo National Park

6 – 24 August 2009

It is very interesting that mangroves and seagrass beds do not hold as much tourist attraction as flamboyant coral reefs. Fair enough as coral reefs are magical and full of variety of shapes and animals. But there is beauty in each ecosystem – so much so that we have this blog […]

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More Leatherback Turtles and Faces of Papuan Kids

24 – 29 July 2009

For the next four nights, we consistently saw two leatherback turtles laying eggs. We didn’t have as many companions now as the first night, and we developed some sort of nightly ritual.  A long boat (dugout canoe with outriggers) would take us from Batu Rumah to Warmamedi at sunset.

The boys Daro […]

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Leatherback Turtles

23 July 2009

We arrived in Batu Rumah sometime 3 pm of July 23.  Immediately our WWF leaders Mr. Bas and Franki called for a meeting with all the site monitoring staff and some local Papuan patrol volunteers.

Our presence and intentions were explained to everybody and our succeeding nights were planned.  It was going to be […]

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Kudat, Malaysia: The Faces of a Marine Park

By Alya B. Honsasan

In the Kudat-Banggi Priority Conservation Area (PCA) in Sabah, Malaysia, fish is a big deal. You see it everywhere, from the fish cages outside settlements like Tampakan and Sibogo, to the dozens of trawlers and purse seiners docked at the harbor, equipped with large fishing nets and bringing in large quantities of fish every day. […]

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WWF Malaysia in Kudat-Banggi Priority Conservation Area

25 – 30 June

Kudat Harbour

Pulau Banggi

The efficient WWF Malaysia machinery was immediately felt when I started getting a series of text messages regarding transport, hotel accommodations and our overall visit to Kudat from Betty of the WWF KK office. Then Sofia Johari, the CEPA or Community Education, Protection, and Awareness Officer of Kudat-Banggi PCA left me a message that […]

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Seven Days of Bliss in Sipadan

16 – 25 June 2009

Yogi nagged and nagged me about Sipadan. “I need time underwater!” he says. “Don’t cut short my diving time!” He needed to nag because I have a habit of prioritizing land shoots.  Listening to the demanding husband, I booked us 10 days and 9 nights in Sipadan Mabul Resort or SMART. […]

Turtle Love – Sipadan Malaysia

By Alya B. Honsasan

23 – 25 June  2009

N4 07.051 E118 37.655

I SHOULD have gotten the hint when I did my check-out dive the afternoon I arrived at the Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART) on Mabul Island, one of the two islands within view of Sipadan. On that relaxed 40-minute dive in Paradise 2 and 3, two famous sites near […]

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Giant Clams Spawning, Seaweed Farming, Fisheries

11 – 15 June

Pulau Bohey Dulang
Seaweed farming community
Purse Seiner fishing grounds

Maybe it was our good vibes and positive aura.  We got lucky this time in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. On to the second leg of our expedition, we visited, with our WWF Malaysia companions, Pulau Boheydulang.  The Boheydulang Island is one of the islands in Tun Sakaran Marine […]

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Donsol Here We Come

29 May 2009

From summers 2000 to 2003, we prided ourselves in being the first to organize tours for European tourists to see whale sharks in Donsol. We stopped when we immigrated to Australia. We have not been back since, and tonight, we will make our long bus pilgrimage to the land of whale sharks and […]

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Aerials, Slash and Burn, Seaweed Farming, and Pearl Farmers After Office Hours

11 – 15 May 2009

Our pilot was none other than Jewelmer’s boss JB, as Jacques Branellec is fondly called. Upon hearing of approaching bad weather in the coming days, he immediately offered to fly us around the pearl farm and neighboring islands. He had the two back doors of the 8-seater helicopter taken out for better photos, […]