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More Underwater Life in El Nido

9-10 May 2009

Lunch in a resort such as MIR and LIR means you are spoilt for choice. When asked, “Where would you like to have your lunch, ma’am?” I’d scratch my head and ask, “Where would you suggest we go?” Every place sounds and looks like paradise, with palm trees, white sand, and turquoise waters.  Our first […]

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El Nido’s Miniloc Island Resort

6 – 8 May 2009

Shifting gears from on-the-ground land subsistence activities to first class tourism, we travelled from eastern Taytay islands to the posh Miniloc Island Resort in the western part of Northern Palawan. We have had to rough it for a full month now, and being warmly welcomed by El Nido Resorts was just what we […]

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Live Reef Fish Trade

2 – 4 May 2009

The need or want to consume live reef fish is enormous for a Chinese. I talk from experience as I am Cantonese and have uncles and cousins who own Chinese restaurants in Manila.  Growing up, every lauriat or Chinese feast attended was a full meal of at least 9 viands per table always […]

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Irrawaddy Dolphins of Malampaya Sound

2 – 4 May 2009

Finally, we have good Internet connection! We’re back in Manila, and can backtrack and report on the last three weeks of our Palawan adventure. We’ll start with rare dolphins . . .

We could not imagine going to Malampaya Sound for just a few days, thinking we would need a couple of weeks stay […]

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COTS Once More and So Long Ranger Station

21 April 2009

The guests onboard Oceana Maria joined in gathering COTS. Among them was Luli Arroyo, the Philippine President’s daughter and Southeast Asia Policy Officer for WWF Coral Triangle Programme. The fervor did not abate and as the stabbing sticks were not enough, rangers watched as we all gathered. Alya and Angelique were casualties of […]

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Rangers and Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

20 April 2009 

Order of the day was an early morning group picture of the rangers with manager Angelique and WWF expedition visitors Alya, Yogi & I. After breakfast, we photographed WWF ranger Choy and TMO ranger Manny diving a coral reef near the station. They monitored through transects the health of the reef.  In this […]

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Oh no! Rain!

19 April 2009

Woke up at 5:45am – gee it’s overcast. By 6:30, while I was using nature’s toilet, the heavens opened. We all thought it was a good thing the rains didn’t happen at night!

Equipped with raincoats, we continued shooting after breakfast. Secille and Choy found a dead brown booby tagged with bird banding.  Choy […]

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The Tubbataha Rangers

16 April 2009

Rangers – NAVY

 Team Leader: Elmer “Jhing” F. de los Santos

Secille G. Balot

 Romeo “Romy” O. Bellezo

Richard C. Iglesias

Rangers – TMO (Tubbataha Management Office)

 Segundo “Seconds” F. Conales Jr.

Noel “Manny” A. Bundal

Ranger – WWF Philippines

 Eulalio “Choy” D. Calagui Jr.

Rangers – LGU (Local Government Unit)

Jolver “Anguy” Calingao

 Marco “Backs” Bungar

These guys are about ready to go home after […]