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Goodbye Yorkeys

03 April 09 (22:09)

At the eve of our departure, the neighbor’s music blares and we think to ourselves, good riddance.  This is the last night we will sleep in this house and we’re so happy.  Can’t wait to get out of here and we are off tomorrow!  This expedition could not have come at a […]

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All packed up and places to go

25 March 09 (02:21 am)

The house is empty. Well, almost. The removalists efficiently packed our furniture into their truck, and in two hours flat, had everything in storage. It pays to hire the experts and not have to do the heavy lifting ourselves, and break our backs in the process!  We’ve taken stills to see […]

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Yorkey’s Knob, Cairns (home)

3 March 09 (00:15 am)

This is the second night in a row I could not fall asleep.  The clock is ticking and the days are rushing and before I know it, it’s time to leave. We are preparing to pack our entire household and put everything in storage for a year. Our WWF Coral Triangle […]

August 2007 – Nautilus

Now how did these beautiful deep-sea living fossils become so vulnerable? Our untiring quest to get them protected is unwavering. We must learn more about them before we can fight for their preservation.

Again onboard the Undersea Explorer for more science, the team goes forth with Dr. Peter Ward and Andy Dunstan.


July 2007 – Mike Ball Spoil Sport

Mike Ball’s luxurious liveaboard Spoil Sport brought us to the Great Barrier Reef’s famous Ribbon Reefs to interact with the playful minke whales. Moored in Lighthouse Bommie, minkes passed under us criss-crossing the bommie and guests hanging on minke lines. We took the chance to do our signature split level image with Spoily and Pixie […]

June 2007 – The German Invasion

Somehow friends and family often make it to visit us during Aussie winters. This year was no different with Lars & Carolin Abromeit visiting first. Jet-lagged and straight off the plane, we made them walk the forest for two hours to see waterfalls and trees.

Following close were the arrival of nephew Julius Freund and his […]

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May 2007 – Sharks, Nautilus and Planktons

And yet another exciting trip on the Undersea Explorer for more science and adventure. As Karl Jesienowski the main biologist said, the week was packed like a three ring circus. Sharks were caught and tagged, nautilus were caught and tagged and a special guest appearance of Dr. Billy Sinclair caught plankton and no, impossible to tag :)


April 2007 – Daintree Slideshow

We were invited to give a public slideshow in a wonderful place called the Daintree EcoLodge & Spa. With our brochure nicely done and announcements in the Port Douglas Gazette, the turnout was pretty good and it was an altogether fantastic 2 hour affair at the heart of Far North Queensland’s World Heritage Site.


February 2007 Glowing Fungi

Come the hottest and most humid time of the year, strange things happen in the forest you would never expect. Bioluminescent mushrooms. From 6pm to 3am, we snapped away until our batteries ran dry.

December 2006 – box jellyfish

December. Thanks to Dr. Jamie Seymour and Richard Fitzpatrick, our box jellyfish frenzy is almost coming to an end.  Irukadji and box jellyfish have been keeping us company in tanks and in the water.

Our box jellyfish model Oscar performed beautifully in the wild and did not even attempt to sting us one bit. He was well trained and truly beautiful. We have […]